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December 2006 - January 2007

Another summer vacation in Chile begins in Puerto Montt where I first drop off my luggage at the B&B, then head for the market at Angelmó for a lunch of paila marina,
a shellfish stew. These boats will be fully functional at high tide.


Angelmó houses a fish market, vegetable market, several mini restaurants, and handicraft market.


Razor clams, mussels, clams, another variety of mussels; in jars are sea urchin, piure and mussels


Señora Eloísa at Cocinería Local 93 serves up a hearty pulmay, or curanto a la olla.
In the pot are smoked sausage, chicken pieces, potato bread, all steaming from the many varieties of shellfish on the bottom layer.
I chose a bowl of shellfish stew in the covered pot, and a sliced fresh tomato.


Dried shellfish and seaweed. The next stall offers woven wool objects like rugs, socks, hats and scarves.


The box shows the area visited on this trip, including a portion of Argentina. From Puerto Montt I went south to the large island of Chiloé to celebrate the new year with friends from N. Texas University. We stayed at a cabin on the west coast where the weather was fiercely wet and windy. I didn't get any good photos in this storm.


Chanquín, near Cucao, at the entrance to the Chiloé National Park. The white sand beach is about 20 kilometers long.


This is the trail to the cabin at the top of the hill.


Chonchi, a lovely and peaceful town on the east coast of Chiloé. There is a lot of fish farming activity here.


Chonchi, with the church in the background


Huildad, near Quellón


Collecting pelillo, a seaweed used in several foods and products.
Yaldad, near Quellón.


Structure for fish farming, Quellón Viejo


Quellón, at the southern tip of Chiloé. Corcovado Volcano is barely visible in the distance.


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