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What is Life to a Beat?!?

   Life to a Beat is a radio show on KZSC Santa Cruz. Based around electronica and modern dance music, Life to a Beat (aka LTAB) features tracks from the beginnings of techno in the late 1980s to the wide variety of electronica that is being produced today. Life to a Beat previously aired on Mondays from 4-6 PM during the school year, and over the summer played from 3-6 PM. For Fall Quarter 2002, Life to a Beat will be airing from 5-6 PM.

What is Electronica?

   Electronica, simply put, is music that was largely created with digital instruments and programs, hence electronically. Departing from the pre-computer-age technique of recording acoustic (analog) instruments, in electronica, most of the sounds are derived, or at least sequenced, digitally. Electronica is a broad category, covering a wide variety of subgenres - everything from symphonic electronica (think Switched on Bach), to the popular trance/club/rave styles, to more jazzy styles such as trip-hop and drum-n-bass. For more information on the background behind Techno music, I would recommend the Electronica Primer for information on most of the different subgenres, and how they came about.

Who does this show?

   Why, I do, of course! I, in this case, represents David Kibrick, aka DJ Dek. I have been interested in, and listening to, electronic music for many years, and am a major enthusiast. I'm not a turntablist per se (for lack of equipment), but I have been known to do digital mixes from time to time. I write electronic music as well, which is available for free online (more information can be obtained under the "Music" link). For more information on who I am and what I do, you can visit my homepage.

Do you have archives of past shows?

   Somewhere? Yes. Available to you online? Not yet. My show is broadcast live, and KZSC webstreaming is not set up to archive, so the only archives I have of the actual shows are low-quality "air-check" tapes, which i am unable to digitize at this time. I may, at some point in the future, make the digital mixes upon which the shows are based available on my local webserver once it is assembled. If you really want a copy of a particular show, drop me a line via the Requests/Comments page, and I can give you further instructions.

Can I make requests on your show?

   Since some of my shows are prepared, and mixed, ahead of time, it is hard to mix in live requests, especially as KZSC's music library is not immediately accessible from the air room, as in commercial stations. If you are interested in hearing a particular song on the show, you can submit a request under the "Requests" link (also used for feedback), and I'll try to track it down and add it to the mix with your dedication. Or, if you like, you can call me up at (831) 459-4036 during my show, and I'll see if I can fit something in.

I'm a representative of a band, how can I get my music played on Life to a Beat?

  If you are an artist whose music is hosted electronically im mp3 format, and have it available for full download online, you can use the Feedback page to send me the URL of your music. This is not preferable, however, as I then have to decode the music and burn it to a CD before I can play it on air (at least currently). A much better way is to send a hard copy of your promo or demo CD, along with information about your band, to - ATTN: David Kibrick, KZSC Santa Cruz, Student Music East, UCSC, Santa Cruz, CA 95064. All CDs or URLs that are recieved will be reviewed, and have a very good possibility of being played on the show. Please, only send techno/trance/dance/euro styles of music - I do not usually play downtempo, ambient, or abstract electronica.

How can I find out how many times my band/ a band has been played on LTAB?

  As of 11/3/02, Life to a Beat has an official Artist Airplay Page! On this page, you can find some of my own electronica charts, as well as an analysis of which artists have been played on the show, with a breakdown listing them by number of plays on LTAB. You can also access this page by clicking on the title image of this page. Artists: if your information is incorrect on this page, please send me a message so i can post the correct info.

You can also download the image that was the source for the LTAB Graphics: Northern Lights (154k, 1024x768).

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